The Talking Train / Y Trên Siarad

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Through The Woods

The latter part of the journey travels through the woods above Penrhyndeudraeth towards the train's destination at Tanybwlch.  Nevertheless there is still a wide variety of things to select from the audio guide. This is where we found out about Sessile Oaks while listening to information about the ancient woodlands along the line.  Other commentaries included further historic information and details of the personalities associated with the railway.  Taliesin still kept up the regular "Toot toot toot!" reminding us to move on to the next location's tale.

Unlike the other trains on the line, the Talking Train has time in it's schedule to slow down at viewing windows that have been cut in the woods on the valley side of the train giving the chance to admire the views blocked out for many years by the maturing trees, a pleasing development of the good relations the railway has with it's neighbours.  All too soon we rattled over the cast iron bridge into Tanybwlch and arrived at our destination, just in time for lunch!


Arrival at Tanybwlch, time to shunt the train and enjoy lunch!   (01/05/2004)

‘Taliesin’ has shunted the Talking Train set into the siding at Tanybwlch.   (01/05/2004)


Arriving at Tanybwlch we got out and watched the intricate game of chess played by Taliesin as the locomotive was watered, ran round it's train and disappeared out of the top of the station and back in to be locked away in the sidings out of the way of the other train services.  The train crew could then set about the serious business of fuelling and watering themselves!

Tanybwlch station slumbers between trains, the Talking Train sits in the sidings at the top of the station.   (03/05/2004)

Tanybwlch Station Café, the perfect lunch stop - good food, pleasant company and beautiful location.    (03/05/2004)

An important part of the Talking Train experience is the extended break of over an hour at Tanybwlch, perfect for a spot of lunch or afternoon tea.  Passengers travelling on the morning train are invited to book their lunch to be ready on their arrival; a choice of a light luncheon in the café or a picnic to enjoy at the tables outside or perhaps in the woods around the station.  We brought along our own picnic but the lure of the good food within the café was still too strong to be resisted!

The long break also gives travellers the opportunity to catch up on audio commentaries that may have been missed on the way up, or perhaps revisit some of the others.

Tanybwlch station nameboard with it's talking train number, indicating the number to enter to hear details of the location.   (03/05/2004)

Needless to say Tanybwlch has a good selection of it's own little numbered signs referring to audio tales about this tranquil spot in the woods.  The two photographs on the left and right show a couple of these which we explored after polishing off the picnic.

Halfway through the lunch stop the station came alive as the two public service trains arrived and passed on their way, following their departure quiet descended once more upon this oasis in the trees.

Entering number 183 will tell you all about the replica double-armed signal at Tanybwlch.   (03/05/2004)

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