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I first came across Mark Goodspeed's animated Railway32 Screensaver for Windows quite a few years ago and since then it has enlivened my PC both at home and work (although my employers frown upon users installing screen savers, being the 'policeman' in charge of the policy at the time had its advantages...).  During early 2000 I spent a short while working in the United States; upon entering the computer room at this location for the first time, I was rather surprised to find a laptop with a constant stream of British trains running across the screen, needless to say I had immediately found common ground with the consultant I was to spend the next day or so with!

If you download the screen saver, please register it.  To access a host of additional modules, you will need to be a member of Yahoo! Groups then you may join the railway32 group at Yahoo! Groups.  Once you have joined the railway32 group, Installation instructions  and help for running additional modules are available in the groups files.

The majority of the images used on this site originated from the Narrow Gauge modules for the screen saver and are mostly the original work of Aidan Stell.  A small number of the images have been repainted to suit my needs but most are as included in the various modules for the screen saver.

Aidan Stell's Railway 32 Screen Saver site contains a number of narrow gauge modules for the screen saver.  Further Welsh Highland railway images are also available on Ben Fisher's Welsh Highland Railway web site.

I would like to thank Aidan for his permissions to use graphics from his Railway32 modules on the site, if I have inadvertently used images that should be credited to someone else please let me know and I will take the necessary steps.

There are many narrow gauge survivors but some things have gone for ever, relive the past on your PC!

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