Welsh Highland Gala September 2001

Prince's Big Adventure!

The final train of the day on Saturday afternoon was to be hauled by 'Taliesin' and 'Prince' from Caernarfon to Waunfawr and then back to Dinas. Taliesin's oil burner had been suffering from constipation throughout the day and on arrival at Dinas there were concerned looks and conversations around the front of the train.  I had intended to travel throughout on the train, but some sixth sense made me decide to get off at Dinas, and a word with Prince's fireman led me to dash out of the station to find a good spot for a photograph, 'Prince' was going to work the remainder of the service alone. This was the first occasion that a genuine 'heritage' train had worked the line since the 1930s, the locomotive and rolling stock all having been used on the WHR before closure.

These photographs show 'Prince' on his way to and from Waunfawr that evening with a shortened train. Following the success of this trip, both 'Taliesin' and 'Prince' were each allowed out on their own the following day and during 2002 'Prince' worked the same set of carriages as a regular heritage train.  Unfortunately I have no photographs of the solo runs from the Sunday, I was AWOL down the coast at Tywyn! (see Talyllyn Vintage Train gallery)

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‘Prince’ passes under Pont Cae Moel   (22/09/2001)
‘Prince’ passes under Pont Cae Moel
2001144.jpg   94.57 Kb

‘Prince’ climbs away from Cae Moel    (22/09/2001)
‘Prince’ climbs away from Cae Moel
2001_09_34.jpg   80.50 Kb

‘Prince’ runs round at Waunfawr   (22/09/2001)
‘Prince’ runs round at Waunfawr
2001_09_35.jpg   79.39 Kb

‘Prince’ departs from Waunfawr   (22/09/2001)
‘Prince’ departs from Waunfawr
2001_09_36.jpg   85.62 Kb

‘Prince’ heads away from Waunfawr   (22/09/2001)
‘Prince’ heads away from Waunfawr
2001_09_37.jpg   86.58 Kb

‘Prince’ approaches Cae Moel   (22/09/2001)
‘Prince’ approaches Cae Moel
2001_09_38.jpg   85.02 Kb

‘Prince’ stands at Dinas after arrival from Waunfawr.   (22/09/2001)
‘Prince’ stands at Dinas after arrival from Waunfawr.
2001_09_39.jpg   80.38 Kb

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